Super แหบ-แสบ-สะบัด (Super Hap Saep Sa-Bat) -2008

As Korean fever is now the trend in Thailand, two guys are put together to form a Korean style boy band, making a big break in music industry.

Tom and Teung are buddies who dream of being an artist. Tom has the look and dancing skill, but his husky voice seems to be the big problem. While Teung has no idol image and dancing skill, he’s got the voice. The record company finds a tricky way to make Tom as a new idol and Teung becomes the back-up voice while Tom is lipsyncing on the stage. Their first single hits the charts and they become extremely popular over the country. While their popularity is raising and everyone is keen to know them better, they have to keep the secret; the truth about the voice behind the stage.


  • Rattapoom Tokongsub
  • Kietisak Udomnak
  • Achita Sik-kamana
  • Noawarat Yuktanund
  • Sripan Cheunchombul


Film, Thai Only



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