Note Udom – Comedy Clips

Khun Note is one of Thailand’s most popular comedians, his stand up acts are well known for the catch phrase “Thailand Only”. His main focus is poking fun at Thai people, in a good-natured manner, he makes light of funny things about Thailand and Thai culture. His acts often include descriptive re-enactments of his experiences using squat toilets in rural Thailand’s bus stations and train stations. As a foreigner living in Thailand for more than a decade, with a good command of Thai language, I find his acts to be totally hilarious. It is also nice to see that Thai people can appreciate the humor in some of their own traits, and not take themselves to seriously.

Khun Note is also well known to make fun of foreigners pathetic attempts to speak Thai, mimicking their horrible accents, and the way they struggle to pronounce various words. His theatrical impersonations are amazingly accurate, with most viewers relating to incidents that have themselves experienced.



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