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My Name Is Love – เค้าเรียกผมว่าความรัก

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เค้าเรียกผมว่าความรัก My Name is Love tells the story of a young Thai guy who, when he was in high school really thought he was "all that". In fact, he was so used to girls liking him he often paid no attention to th...

Super Hap – แหบ-แสบ-สะบัด

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Super แหบ-แสบ-สะบัด (Super Hap Saep Sa-Bat) -2008 As Korean fever is now the trend in Thailand, two guys are put together to form a Korean style boy band, making a big break in music industry. Tom and Teung are bu...

Super Salaryman

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Super Salaryman, a comedy-drama the employees of a beverage manufacturer must band together and push through a big project if they are to earn their coveted year-end bonus – the entire reason for being in the Thai cor...

My Ex

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Ken is a hot young superstar and the dream date of every girl. While he can attract any woman he wants, every detail of his life ends up in gossip columns and tabloid magazines. His two previous girlfriends, high-soci...

The Protector

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In Bangkok, the young Kham was raised by his father in the jungle with elephants as members of their family. When his old elephant and the baby Kern are stolen by criminals, Kham finds that the animals were sent to Si...

Raging Phoenix Eng Sub English Subtitle Thai Film

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Click Show more to load film Deu (Jija Yanin) meets three masters of drunken martial arts -- "Dog Shit", "Pig Shit", and Sanim, when they foil an attempt to abduct her. She convinces them to train her in their martia...


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Thai lesbian film. Bua, who owns a resort in Pattaya, is divorcing her husband of 20 years - despite strenuous objections from him, their daughter and Bua's mother. Bua is a closeted lesbian who's suffered too long...

My Life – Rich and Poor

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Old Video - My Life - Ruich and Poor

First Kiss – รักสุดท้ายป้ายหน้า เต็มเรื่อง 2012

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A 25 year old woman and a high school boy accidentally share a kiss on a bus. He then becomes infatuated by her even though she ignores his advances. Things hot up when her first love re-enters her life. This encourag...

Rak Error

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2012 Sua  and Jib are like any other couple in this world except for one exception: for the past 5 years they have kept their relationship a secret since the bank where they are employed has a strict "No Fraterniza...

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